Neal and his work has been featured in a variety of news features and books:

Buying In, by Rob Walker – Rob Walker is one of the marketing industry’s top critic’s and has written several articles on brands that have successfully mixed culture and branding.  He featured Neal as the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand manager in his book, Buying In, which was released in 2008.

The Marketing of No Marketing – First appeared in the NY Times Magazine in June of 2003.  This is the full length piece that led to the chapter in Rob’s book, Buying In.

Fast Company’s Fast 50, 2003 – As a Senior Brand Manager, Neal was featured in Fast Company Magazine at one of the Fast 50 business leaders in 2003

Rainier Beer Wins Inaugural Battle of the Brands – Under Neal’s direction, Rainier Beer and Cole & Weber/United won the first ever Battle of the Brands for their “RainierVision” campaign.

Neal was interviewed in July, 2008 by Ogilvy 360’s John Bell for his blog, Digital Influence Mapping Project

Twitter All-Stars, – Neal’s work marketing Flying Dog via Twitter was covered in December, 2008 by iMedia Connection.  Flying Dog was featured with brands like Comcast and Southwest Airlines.

Is this the new face of marketing, Share of Voice – Mark Silva is the Founder and and Managing Partner of Real Branding, one of the nation’s top digital marketing firms.  He featured Neal on his blog in November of 2007.

Creating an Online Voice, e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog – Flying Dog Brewery was featured on David Erickson’s blog as a brand who is creating a meaningful personality and conversations with consumers online.


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