Along with it’s “national” brands, the Pabst Brewing Company also owns an assortment of brands that are directly tied to a specific region.  For example, Lone Star is the “National Beer of Texas” and Old Style is “Chicago’s Beer.”  There’s also Rainier Beer, a beer named after that huge mountain that sits to the southeast of Seattle.

Rainier was once a proud brand that absolutely owned the Seattle market, that is up until they closed the Rainier Brewery in the late 90’s.  But the brand was still important to Pabst as the strategy was to grow the national brands and stabilize the regional brands.  But Rainier had an incredible challenge: How do you make a local brand, that had taken it’s production out of state, local again?

As the Rainier Brand Marketing Director, Neal teamed up with Seattle agency, Cole and Weber/Red Cell (now Cole & Weber/United) to create a campaign that spoke to the citizens of Seattle on a personal level and help them Remember Rainier.

Here’s a documentary video that was put together after the first year of the campaign:

RainierVision screen capture


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