In early 2006, Neal was hired to lead a newly formed Marketing Department at Flying Dog Brewery.  Neal’s charge was to harness the energy of a brand with a great concept and story.

Neal’s first project was to redesign the Flying Dog packaging.  But this wasn’t just any packaging redesign project.  This was a packaging redesign that had to take the genius of Ralph Steadman (the “Gonzo Artist” and label illustrator) and organize it so it made sense to the trade and consumers.

The result was consistent brand family redesign that reinforced the brand’s “Gonzo” equity but also clearly communicated the style of beer.  See below for a few examples of the packaging redesign.

Neal’s other project was to connect the brand with consumers on a small, craft brewer budget.  Neal knew that to do this, mass media was out of the question.  Instead, the Flying Dog team built a variety of “conversation tools” to help them have a dialogue with consumers.  These conversation tools include blogs like Flying Dog News, Flying Dog Blog, and activity on social media platforms like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

The Flying Team was also one of the first companies to embrace the power of bloggers.  They proactively reached out to the beer blogging community with samples and inside news about the brand so increase awareness and improve image among these influencers.

Today, Flying Dog is commonly considered the most “social media” savvy marketers in Craft Beer and was recently highlighted for their Twitter presence.

The results: Flying Dog revenue increased by 20% in three years.


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