The Challenge

Gain credibility and respect from the hard core craft beer consumer.  Flying Dog was generally viewed by this audience as a lower-tier Craft brewer because our labels were so creative.  The hard core Craft beer drinker thought that since our labels were so edgy and eccentric that they must be over-compensating for inferior beer.  It was important for us to gain credibility with these consumers because they are highly influential to consumers who are just starting to experiment with Craft beer.

As Craft beer has continued to grow in the past several years, consumers have discovered that beer pairs with food just as well as wine – if not better.  The hard core Craft beer consumer was on the forefront of this trend and extremely interested in this emerging trend.

The Opportunity

Position Flying Dog as the champion of Beer Dinners across the segment and provide consumers with a platform that exposes them to new and interesting content.

The Solution

Our team at Flying Dog created – a blog that featured upcoming Beer Dinners across the country and ideas on what foods to pair with our beers.


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