Five easy things to help you land the marketing job you want

I’ve been interviewing a lot of people lately and I’ve found that great candidates can oftentimes be their own worst enemy because they don’t do a few easy things that could help them close the deal and get the job they want.  And the good news is that ANYONE can do these things.

  1. Be yourself.  This is common advice, but it’s really important.  It’s easy to walk out of an interview and have regrets that you didn’t hit on a key point you wanted to communicate or present yourself they way you think they wanted you to.  The fact is that you’re going to have to be yourself in this job at some point, so if they don’t like it now, they probably won’t like it later.  Plus, if you aren’t true to yourself while you are at this job, you’re going to be miserable.  Just be yourself and get it out of the way.
  2. Make sure the photo on your LinkedIn page looks friendly.  Let’s face it, humans are visual people and we want to work with/hire people who are friendly.  If your are frowning on your LinkedIn profile picture, you’re probably not going to even get the interview.
  3. Tell the interviewer(s) you want the job.  This is such a simple concept but so many people neglect to do it.  Believe it or not, one of the things that an interviewer considers is “Does this person really want the job?”  Overcome this barrier by making it clear you want the job.  Sending a thank you note can also reinforce this.
  4. Demonstrate your passion for the service of product.  This is especially true for entry level jobs where employers are willing to invest in your training and skill set.  If you have passion and appear to be coachable, you’re a great candidate for an entry level job.
  5. Bring something to leave with the interviewer – Think about it: this person is going to be weighing their options and if they have something on their desk to remind them of you, you’re going to be more top of mind.

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