The Oreo Panel at SXSWi –

Didn’t get to go to Austin for SXSWi? Don’t worry, you probably have better things to do and most of the good stuff ends up on the internets anyway.

Here’s a video of a panel that I think Oreo put on where they could talk about how awesome their Super Bowl social media activation was. As it turns out, the Oreo people didn’t talk all that much.  The good news is at Gary Vaynerchuk did and he shared a couple good insights:

1) Social Media is all about adding value.  Simple as that.

2) He created more buzz this year by meeting with 200 people individually rather than being a keynote speaker in front of 4000 people.

Scale is important.  We all want to get our message to a lot of people and sell a lot of stuff.  But gathering the biggest crowd for your message isn’t the only way to do it.  These days, it’s more about a truly providing value to a highly targeted audience and then letting them translate it in a relevant way to their audiences.

Btw, watching the whole panel is a bit tedious.  Only about 5% of the conversation is worth the time.  There’s a lot of smug in the room.


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