McBacklash: McDonald’s is paying for people to trash their brand

McD Facebook pageFish McBites.  It really does sound disgusting, doesn’t it?  Facebookers are making their dislike for this disgusting creation known on the McDonald’s page and the comments are pretty funny.

The really interesting part is that McDonald’s is actually BUYING the platform for people to trash their product.  This message appeared on my Facebook timeline and I am not a “Fan” of McDonalds.

Why wouldn’t Mickey D’s target this message toward existing fans?  I get that it’s Lent and consumers are looking for options to eat fish, but I just don’t think that the Fish McBites is the innovation that is going to drive NEW traffic into their stores.

McDonalds: go after your existing fans first.  If the product is worth anything, they will tell their fellow fish-loving friends.

Link to the Facebook page here. 


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